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Becomes Friendship

Are you ready to deeply invest in your personal growth and wellbeing? 

At Happy Well Being Life, we believe in the power of community to foster personal growth and shared well-being is for every age and stage of life.


As we launch our exciting journey, we invite you to become a cornerstone of our mission by joining as a Founding Member.


For a limited time, we are opening the doors to our founders' team—a group dedicated to shaping the future of well-being together.

Community is Everything

Join our Founding Members Team

Friends Having Fun
three women of mixed ethnic background looking at an eyepad



Exclusive Community Access

Connect with like-minded individuals through Founding Members-only virtual meet-ups and discussions, fostering a network dedicated to empowering women.

Priority Access


Enjoy early access to all new content, special features, and upcoming events, ensuring you're always at the forefront of what HWBL has to offer.

Enhanced Newsletter


Receive a specialized version of our regular newsletter, which includes additional insights and tips not available in the standard subscription.

Membership Benefits 

Well Being Plans

Custom-tailored advice and strategies to fit your lifestyle, focusing on achieving balance, enhancing vitality, and fostering emotional resilience. Each plan is a step towards personalising your journey to wellness.

Music App

Audio Playlist

Coming May 5th. Tune into Happy Well Being Life curated audio playlists on Spotify. Whether you need help combating insomnia, reducing anxiety, or finding your meditation trance.

Self-Care Resources

Detailed self-care guides, tips and professional practical tips on managing stress and improving your holistic health. Our resources are designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools for a self-empowered approach to well-being

mid age women of different ethnicities laughing together

Community Support

Connecting with like-minded others in the well-being space is one of the most requested requirements. Join us in a building a community  of supportive and topic interested others. Sign up as a subscriber or member.

Strategies, Resources and Community

Free Monthly Newsletter

Stay informed and inspired with our exclusive newsletter, delivering our latest news, month-ahead content and  Exclusive Opportunities Members get the chance to win retreat away weekends, goodie bags, and much more. 

Friends Having Breakfast

Live Events 

Expert-Led Workshops and Events: Engage with wellness experts through workshops and events crafted to deepen your understanding of well-being. Coming soon.

Membership Plan

Launch offer

  • Subscribing Member

    Every month
    +£3 One time only set up fee
    All Access to the website and digital downloads for 12 months. Terms and Conditions Apply. Minimum 3 month subscription.
    • Includes "Wellbeing While Working Remote"
  • Subscribing Member (Annual Plan)

    Every year
    All Access to the website and digital downloads for 12 months

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