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Happy Well Being Life is more than a resource; it's a community of like-minded women who understand the importance of putting their well-being on the priority list. Join us to explore content that empowers you to take care of yourself as diligently as you do for others. Our recommended e-books, well being plans, professional resources  and interviews with leading experts offer guidance for a life led with less fear and more peace.

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Founder's Story 



Having faced burnout twice in the last 10 years, with the most severe one in 2021, I understand the juggling act of trying to excel in every aspect of life - as a solo mom, pursuing a successful career, and seeking balance and joy.


In that moment of vulnerability, amidst the pain of feeling inadequate and unfulfilled, I found myself standing in front of the mirror one day with tears streaming down my face,  looking into my own soul I asked 'What kind of life do you want to lead, girl?' -  It was then that I experienced a sense of supreme love and calm wash over me. I heard myself say out loud, 'I just want a Happy Well Being Life.'


Isn't that what we all ultimately striving for?

I've come to realize that striving means struggle but experiencing is the key to manifestation and wanting a Happy Well Being Life is a the foundation, a journey, and not a destination.


For decades I've hidden the inner part of my life as a clairvoyant who has studied esoteric practices of connection and soul purpose. I will share much more of that with you in my articles, e-books, videos and courses. I learnt that meditation is the key to connection to that higher wise part of our unseen self. Along the way also, I've discovered invaluable tools, strategies, and life lessons through my own lived experiences.

That's why I created this site - to share these insights with you and bring our community of experts and like-mind and purpose together.


At Happy Well Being Life we are a passionate team, I'm so grateful and thankful and we look forward to helping you navigate your own journey towards holistic wellness and personal fulfillment.


Join us, it will be fun and it's just the beginning.

Sending love and peace.


Founder of HWBL. Caroline's expertise spans media, journalism, wellness, and personal development. A certified meditation teacher, human design reader and astrologer, She's an author, columnist and contributing well being editor for four years and former BBC Broadcaster for a decade. Read more below.


passionately exploring esoteric knowledge, spiritual growth, and quantum physics for two decades. Over the past four years she is the Wellbeing columnist and cont. editor for Velvet Magazine and is an award-winning former BBC broadcaster and senior producer for almost a decade..


Her expertise spans media, journalism, wellness, and personal development. She served as the wellbeing columnist and editor for Velvet Magazine for four years and is an award-winning former BBC broadcaster. Caroline is currently pursuing her passion in holistic, transformational, and spiritual coaching.A Certified Meditation Teacher and Human Design Reader. Caroline is a Wellness Expert, Author and has been writing a wellbeign column for 4 years. Trainee Holistic Therapist. UN Women Delegate and Award-winning Former BBC Broadcaster.

Caroline x

A very beautiful black woman smiling in a blue top wearing a beaded necklace against a tropical wallpaper

Caroline S. Asante 

Founder and CEO

Happy Well Being Life 

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